Thursday, February 4, 2016

So many projects!

A few days ago the kids went back to school. The silence roars! I've been really busy while alone working on a few things.

1. I've started scripture journaling (digitally)

It gives me the opportunity to be creative each day plus spend time in the Word. I'm really loving this and loving what I am learning as I go along.

2. I've caught up with a few project life pages

3.  I've made headway with my Stripey Crochet blanket. I've been working on that while watching TV. My only issue with this is that I am running out of half of the colours - hoping I make it to the end alright.

4. I've finished the bunting for the Sunday School room at church. I seriously under-estimated how long it would take to make 20 meters of bunting!! I will show you a picture of that when it is hung up at the church.

5. I'm working on a quilty project for my Mum's birthday. I decided a few days ago that I would do that. Her birthday is in 9 days. Yes I am freaking out.

And in amongst all that - I have made headway into doing a big declutter - starting with the king of collections and mess himself - my son's room! 

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