Thursday, January 28, 2016

I did it myyyyyy way!

I've been thinking about making my own planner stickers ever since I ran out of the stickers that Car sent me last year. I couldn't find stamps that were exactly what I wanted. You know how it is... you just sit with an idea and let it percolate. I tried printing onto post-it notes but again... not what I wanted. Last week I decided what I wanted and what I needed. I wanted stickers that would replace the repetitive stuff in my planner. I wanted stickers that I have as headings: such as my uni column and my creative column.

I ordered some matte adhesive a4 paper and printed up some. It wasn't too hard! And here we have them - all cut up and ready to use! I will begin using them properly once the kids go back to school.

In hopes that it will prompt me to blog more.

Uni labels

Crafty labels

Daily stuff I do.

And I can stick these on my lecture days weeks in advance!

These stickers cost around $1. Love love LOVE being able to get exactly what I want inexpensively!

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