Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Unplugged = less distracted = more productivity

This year I have decided to spend one day a week off social media such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc. This is my second unplugged day and I must say I get through a lot without the social media distractions. It's not like sit there all day looking at it - but it's the interruption of "I'll just check... for a moment" and it must interfere with momentum or something.

As I look at what I achieved, it appears that I was jumping from activity to activity, but it didn't feel like that. I spent my day focused and working away at each thing until I felt I had completed enough for the day and moved on.

Today I managed to:

  • Cut up some fabric for the enormous lot of bunting I am making for the Sunday School
  • supervised the kids dusting/vacuuming/tidying their bedrooms
  • washing sheets
  • shopping for luggage
  • Did a Project Life page
  • Wrote a letter (I KNOW!!! WROTE!! I can't remember the last time I wrote a letter)
  • Did a few stitches in my cross stitch.
  • Packed the kids clothes for our camping trip
  • Decided to do the Fat Quarter Shop Cross Roads Quilt Along for my bed (King Size! Gulp!) and have made a list of the fabric I need to add to the fabric I already have to make it.
  • Went digging around in my WIP's and found a partially done quilty project which I want to finish for a purpose now. I pressed all the blocks I have already sewn and plan to sew up a stack more soon.

(Cross stitch)

(My WIP that I found)

It's been a productive day and I know that my crafty time will become less over the next few days as we start to prepare and pack for our camping trip. It will be quiet around here while I rest and relax with my family by the river. I know... it's tough. But someone has to do it.

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