Monday, January 4, 2016

"One Day" came today.

In the wee hours of this morning I turned over in bed, trying to ease my back and settling back to catch at least 4 more hours sleep. My brain was sleepy and not really thinking about much. It floated off in the direction of something I keep saying I need, but never make it a priority to just make it!! "I really need to make myself a thread catcher. My side table is always such a mess with ends of threads." 

My brain came to for a moment - "Well... if you are thinking about it at 4 in the morning then it must be important to you. No more wishing Madam Skipper! Just make it already!". I snuggled into my pillow and dropped off to sleep.

Today I was determine to make myself a thread catcher. As I wandered into my craft room I looked at my side table and scoffed! "No wonder I keep losing my needles - it's just sitting there waiting to be knocked off! I'm going to make myself an armchair caddy too while I am at it!" I have been wanting one of those for ages too. One day, I would make myself one, I would always say. Well today was "one day". 

I opened up my box of scraps and there sitting on top was a collection of fabric sent to me by a dear friend who has sent me stacks of lovely fabric, blocks and leftovers from her quilts. I absolutely treasure what she sends me and I keep saying "I'll use that for a special occasion" or "One day I will use that for a special project." Well today was "one day". It's silly hanging on to fabrics that I love waiting for that moment. I was going to use them today. So I did.

I pulled out my massive box of leftover binding that I was going to use one day - and since "one day" was today - I used some of that on my project.

And here we have the finished project.

I like one days! One days should happen more often I think!

Do you have projects for the elusive "One day?" 

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