Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's that time of year! {Advent Blog Along #1}

It's Advent Blog Along time! My most favouritest time to blog!

If you haven't joined in on this fun time, give it a go. You get to blog whatever you are doing during advent and it's loads of fun. If you are joining - let our lovely host over at Carrose Creations know.

I'm going to do Advent Blog along a little different this year. My format won't be it's usual wordy way - instead it will be short, sharp and shiny and in list format. Getting my listography on!

So on the first day of Advent, this is what my day looked like:

What I am creating


What I am listening to

What I am doing

(this is Advent Angel, who tells the kids what their special Advent-activity is for the day)

We started off using a wreath kit that MIL sent the kids to do.

So it started out alright.....

But then this happened.......

After an hour of trying to untangle cheap, nasty horrible yarn, I threw it in the bin in a fit of frustration and got some of my own yarn from my stash out for the girls to use tomorrow.

The boy faired better, and made a Christmas countdown craft. He did very well and was able to do it all on his own. 

Tomorrow hopefully I will be able to show you the finished product, when they finish the project.

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