Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Advent Blog Along #2

And on this second day of Advent, this is what my day looked like.....

What I am listening to:

What I am creating:

What I am doing:
Remember those Advent Activities?? Well those woolen wreaths?? Let's just say I am having less than devotional thoughts about my mother in law at this moment. WHO thought that this would be a great craft for kids is beyond me!! So tomorrow I am bringing out my glue gun and going to stick the hell out of the stupid thing, get it finished and move onto much cooler crafts that don't require a trip to the psyche ward afterwards!!! *pant pant*

I hereby make this declaration: Any crafts that require my constant input will be tossed promptly in the bin. There is no joy in it for me, or the kids.

But here is EJ's project - all finished and he is proud as punch with it.

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