Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Advent Blog Along #9

What I am creating:

Today I finished off the lavender eye masks - and they are now packaged up and ready for gifting. Excuse the grainy photo but the sun had set and I wanted to get it before I got the awful orange glow of our lights!

I tried to make the Christmas card envelopes look pretty by experimenting with lettering.

That was actually kind of fun!

These are the soap stuffed scrubbies that I crocheted a while back. I love them! Definitely a gift idea I will be repeating!

I had a ARRRRRGHHH! Moment a few hours ago when my darling dearest son mentions to me that he has THREE aides instead of the two he had last year. I had only sorted Christmas presents out for two aides. Cue a panicked scramble!! I dug out a spare crochet bag that I made last year and whipped up another eye mask. Seriously son... don't do that to me!! Thankfully I sometimes make extras when gift making.

What I am doing:
I spent most of today out and about. The boy had speech therapy, then I spent the rest of the day searching for bathers. Why did it take all day? Well..... my big girl wants to be modest yet not look like a granny. The result - hours and hours and hours and HOURS of shopping. We finally found a pair that she is happy with and she looks her age. Ahhh the perks of having a very womanly looking 12 year old girl. While I was bather shopping these just jumped into my trolley....

I've been thinking about the new year coming up and what I want it to look like. I have been rethinking how I do New Year's resolutions and I want them to evolve as I change and grow as a person. I will tell you more in the New Year - but it will be impacting my creative life. Stay tuned!

What I am listening to:

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