Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advent Blog Along # 10

What I am creating:
I had very little time to create today. In fact I spent my crafty time sorting out my desk and getting it back into order. Man I am a mess-pot! I also spent time packing for our camping trip that is coming up. So what time I did have... I attached a hexie or two.

I did get some colouring done though. :)

My planned Christmas crafting is pretty much done now and it's time to look to the big day. I still have the table to sort out - including table gifts, decor and a color scheme!! I will do that after the camping trip I think.

What I am doing:
Today involved two awards presentation session. One with the primary school and one with the senior school. It involved a sit down with the family that we have Christmas lunch with and planned menus and organised who was bringing what.

What I am listening to:

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