Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Advent Blog Along #8

What I am creating: 

This is to go into the teacher's gift bags. I am so pleased I had enough for me!! It has some of my beautiful DoTerra peppermint essential oil and along with the subtle scent of coconut - and after scrubbing my skin I can't decide whether I want to eat myself or bury my face in my baby soft skin. This stuff is awesome and I shall be making more of this!!

I embroidered a Christmas Tree ornament and I have hung it on the outside of the bag. I have red and gold ones as well.

All this creating is making a right mess - I'm drowning at my desk. Tomorrow after all the creating is done, I am going to give everything a good tidy up and have my hub ready for the next round of creating.

What I am doing:
Poor Mop injured her ankle yesterday so was forced to stay home today and rest it - under protest!! The rest of her classmates were going to have a busy day filled with lots of tearing around and water games. So today was a fairly quiet one.
Today's Advent Activity was to paint wooden angels.

They didn't quite get enough time to finish them before dinner - so I will show you the finished product tomorrow.

What I am listening to:

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