Thursday, December 3, 2015

Advent Blog Along #3

What I am creating:

Colouring-in... I was in a bit of a dark mood when I started this, but by the time I had finished I felt a lot better. I can tell my mood by the colours I chose LOL!

I pulled out the old hexie quilt top again with the aim to finish this top and ready for hand quilting before I start my next scrap project with my quilting group in February. 

What I am listening to:

(This song always reminds me of my Pops (who passed away 13 years ago. I always miss him at Christmas time.)

What I am doing:

Getting excited because it's getting closer and closer!!

Choosing fabric for another present to make. I am pleased to say this came from my stash, so stash slashing is still happening!

And finally..... drum roll please......

The girls finished the-craft-project-from-hell.

They are pleased with it and have proudly hung it in their rooms.

It's been a busy day and I am looking forward to a quiet evening. 

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