Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My new creative hub

Hello! Long time no blog!! I have spent the last month painting, cleaning carpets and decluttering. Oh and doing uni assignments. But now I am in a place where I can take a breath and have the time and space to begin creating once again.

Remember how my craft room was in chaos and basically all I had in here was my computer so I could do my uni work? Well the painting has been done and I have begun to put everything back into the room... but all in different places!

Welcome to my updated creative hub!

I can't stop looking at these shelves! They have on display my gorgeous fabric stash and my yarn. There are baskets of projects I am working on, and my patterns are all in folders and magazine boxes all organised and neat. I could stare at this all day!

This is my little nook. I sit here to do my hand work. It is glorious sitting here in the afternoon and the light from the window is amazing! I can see myself enjoying many quiet afternoons here. A cuppa on my right and my quilt or crochet in my lap. See that set of drawers? The bottom drawer?? In that is my "Use it or ditch it" drawer. Basically I put some supplies in there that I want to use but just haven't - and I've had them for a ridiculously long time. So if I don't use them in 4 months, they are going to be passed on to someone who will use them. If I am not using them, the project obviously isn't that important to me. Then I will find some more things to put in there. 

This is my cupboard. I don't have lots of money to buy all sorts of storage and I just make do with what I have. Three out of the four crates were donated. I reuse shoe boxes and other cute boxes I find. I culled so much stuff from this cupboard and have managed to fill it with stuff that previously didn't have a home. 

*Excuse the dim lighting in the last photo - but we are about to be hammered with storms. 

And here it is all together - with my rug, my desk where I sit and type out my assignments and blog posts. I'm so pleased with it. Yeah it's filled with mish-mash furniture but it's my space and not many are lucky enough to have their own space to craft from. 

Now!! Time to start messing it all up!!! Let's get crafty!!

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