Thursday, October 1, 2015

Change mats

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Skipper who was married to a handsome prince named Daz and together they had a beautiful baby girl - Princess Mop. One day, while changing Mop's royal nappy, Skipper saw a trickle of wee run down and onto the change table. Poor Mop was in a pool of wee while Skipper looked around frantically to see what she had on hand to soak it up. Meanwhile it was soaking into the little princesses clothes - requiring that she be bathed. From then on Skipper made sure a terry towelling nappy was under Mop's bottom - and the towels stayed on that change table in varying colours for the rest of Skipper's nappy changing days. Skipper and Daz's little prince and other princess benefited from this wise parenting decision.

Fast forward to today - Skipper remembered loving how easy it was to rip out a wet or soiled towel and chuck it in the wash and replace it with another. But what if the towel could be replaced with something snazzier? Something cuter? But equally as convenient and easy to wash. Too bad Skipper did not have the sewing savvy that she has today because she might have gotten good use out of these babies!!

(Change table mats!)

Skipper's baby bearing days are over (I hope!!) and the change table has been long replaced with a doll house and toy box. But that does not mean other new mother's can't benefit from the oracle of motherhood's wisdom. :P

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