Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's been a sucky week....

Crafting has been non existent this week....

Here's why.

Reason #1. 
Hubby had a flu thing for two weeks - so he goes to the doctor because he isn't getting any better. Turns out he has some sort of pneumonia thing which strikes under 40's and he was really ill. We took a quick trip to the E.D because his oxygen levels low. Then he was taken to intensive care a few hours later because his oxygen levels were not improving.
(Hubby in ICU attached to about a million machines)

He stayed in hospital for most of the week. I couldn't concentrate on anything crafty because I was busy with the kids (two who were home with the flu) and anxious about hubby. I ended up exhausted as well because a certain kicking young lady was feeling insecure about Daddy not being home, and ended up sleeping with me. She thought that 4am was a great time to have a big chat. 

Reason #2
The stripey crochet blanket I am making is a pain in the rear end. The edges don't look even which is giving me ticks. My OCD does NOT like it. It's not because I am doing something wrong... it's the pattern and the stitches which don't work with my tension. I frogged it twice and that seemed to have sucked all creative energy out of me. I am beginning to wish I had never started it. BUT - it's a Christmas present AND a project for my crochet class so I need to continue. I just need to watch the pattern more closely.

Reason #3
Painting and decorating has come to a grinding halt because of the flu that has plagued this house for nearly a month. It's frustrating to have no crafty space. I can't access my stuff easily, I can't sew at my desk because I have vital uni stuff stacked on it. I have to wait until hubby is feeling better before we can begin again. In the meantime, I just have to curb the frustration of having half the living areas of the house unusable and just take a deep breath.

Today is Sunday. It's a new day - a new week - and I can approach it with a new outlook if I choose to do so. Hubby is home from hospital and is now resting until he can resume work. The children are home from school which means I get to hang out with them and listen to their chatter and laughter. And spring has finally arrived, bringing beautiful warm temperatures and sunny days. This new week is looking amazing already!

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