Friday, September 11, 2015

What's this?? Project Life?

You know how you go through creative phases?  Project Life is a one of those phases. I love doing it, but there are times when I really cannot be bothered. Today I was bothered....

At the moment I have a husband home from work, sick with the flu (that I may or may not have shared.... ok I did..) and a little monkey who is home with the flu as well (no surprises she caught it - she is a Mummy's girl and wants to cuddle and snuggle and be with me, no matter how contagious I am!). So I am running around, making sure they are drinking, issuing panadol and basically making sure they rest while they feel like rubbish.

Daz has a scary movie on the TV at the moment. Milly is in her room with the door shut tightly - and I am sooking and hiding at my desk, surrounded by paint sheets, ladders and tins of paint. But I have to stay in here until the movie is over. I HATE scary movies.

While I was hiding I decided to do a few pages of my Project Life album.

This page looks more like a digi scrapping page, But I don't care. 

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