Monday, September 7, 2015

Flu, uni assignments book week and not much else.

It's been quiet in here mainly because I haven't had much to show and tell. My craft room is still piled in a corner of the house while we paint. So far we have prepped and painted the ceilings and cornices. We would be just about finished if......

.... flu didn't arrive at the house.

One by one the kids dropped with a nasty virus which landed them in bed with endless supply of teaspoons of honey and chamomile tea. I was a part time nurse, part time "OH-MY-GOODNESS-WHY-DID-I-LEAVE-MY-ASSIGNMENTS-TO-THE-LAST-MINUTE" student. As the last child recovered, I suddenly was hit with an exhaustion that I recognized - the pain in the groin and armpits - the sign that my body was fighting a doozy. For 4 days I shivered, sweat, moaned, groaned and waited for the pestilence to pass. EJ had a relapse and spent a few days in bed. Milly followed close behind. I had two sick kids and a sick self... and in the middle of that I smashed out two assignments (one I had to ask for an extension because it was a spoken assignment and I had no voice!). Once the fever subsided, I was left with a hacking cough and an exhaustion that left me shaking like crazy if I stood for more than 5 minutes.

While I was crook, I got hubby to lift up my sewing machine onto the table so I could whip up EJ's book week costume.

I found a burgandy velvet jacket at the local Sally Armies - price at $7. Not bad... until I get to the register and I find out it's half price yellow tag day.... and guess what had a yellow tag??? I took adjusted the jacket so it didn't swim on poor EJ so much. Daz found a purple top hat in Cheap as Chips for pittance, which I painted up. Mum had a cane lying around at home which I painted black and gold.  It was a simple costume, but he loved it! And he won a prize for best dressed boy for his class, so I was pretty stoked.
I didn't make this costume, but I'm going to show you anyway because it's so cute! Here is Milly-Moo dressed as Lucy Pervensie from The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe. She did ask for the medieval costume, but I couldn't do it - so we compromised with evacuee Lucy. 

Once the fever had worn off, and I had the ability to concentrate, I made really good progress with my latest crafty project. I'm pretty happy with how it looks and I'm starting to get into a groove with it. This cross stitch isn't as mindless as crochet, so I need to be able to focus on it.

10 days of flu later - and now I begin to recover from it. Hopefully I will get more cross stitch done and maybe some crochet if I fancy it.

Hopefully next time I post, my craft room will be back and I will have my creative space to play in. I am getting antsy about it... after all, Christmas preparations should be well underway!!

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