Saturday, September 19, 2015

Malibu Monkey {slash that stash}

And it's done! I used the Malibu Monkey fabric - which is so cute! It's all about beach loving sock monkeys! This baby quilt took me two days from start to finish. Day one was cutting and piecing the quilt top. Day two was assembling the backing, basting, quilting and binding. I'm so pleased with this. It's so bright and busy, perfect for tummy time or to snuggle down with in the cot. 

(The back of the quilt. I used some leftover bits and I love how it looks)

Now to wait until the plague is lifted from this household before I can gift it. I hope it won't be too much longer.

This was a Slash That Stash project in it's entirety. I used left over binding from another project, and scraps to back it. The fabric I had in my stash tub, just waiting for the perfect recipient. 

PS: I decided to cut up the left over pieces of this fabric into strips, so I can quickly assemble another quilt for a baby boy at another time. 

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