Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello 2015!

Happy New Year to my blog readers!

A New Year always makes me feel enthusiastic and motivated. 2015 is a new blank book and each day is a page and it's up to me how I fill those pages. I talked about my goals I wanted to achieve for this year - basically it's reduce stash, spend little, finish stuff off.

One of the challenges that I'm joining in on this year is "Finish it Fifteen" - the deal is you finish 15 projects that you have already started. I have lots of those. Two crates full that I haven't even looked at for ages!! If you have UFO's cluttering up space in your crafty zone, then this is a challenge for you. Head over to Carrose Creations and sign up. It's not limited to just quilting and sewing, but ANY craft.

So this is what I have:
  • 2 crates of lots of smaller projects (I have to be ruthless - either make it or ditch it! These things have been in there for SO LONG!)

  •  2 mostly finished quilts (These things are huge and taking up so much space!)

  • Half pieced quilts (This includes my hexie quilt and the On the Pond partially pieced, partially forgotten about quilt I have had for eons!)

  • Crochet Sampler Blanket (I started this when I started teaching my crochet classes.)

These projects may cross over to "Slash the Stash" challenge I am doing this year, mainly because the Hexie quilt and Crochet Sampler are using up my scraps and stash bits that I have.

So I better dig out a WIP and get cracking! May as well while the kids are home and I don't have uni to deal with for another month and a bit.

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