Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What Christmas Eve looks like 2014 (Advent Blog along #24)

It's the final day of Advent Blog Along and I'm feeling a bit sad. I didn't get to blog as much as I would have liked due to being insanely busy with wedding stuff and travelling and the like. Next year hopefully will be better.
So to wrap up my most favorite time of the year I'm going to show and tell what Christmas Eve looks like in 2014.

1. Breakfast for the kids - leftover Malteser and Raspberry Icecream cake (I had fruit toast)

2. Final House clean for house sitters/going away

3. Preparing my 2015 diary by putting in new routines, my 2015 goals and a few special dates.
(I've ordered some pretties to use in my diary next year - why not make my to-do list look awesome? I have a new storage box which I plan to fill up with diary embellishments) I'm hoping this will help me keep track of stuff for project life as well.

4. Opening stockings/ Santa Sack

Every year since Mop was a little tacker, we have made it a family tradition to open Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve. We found that Mop would become so overwhelmed with everything being given to her all at once and would just open it and then set it aside without looking at it. Now we try and spread out opening presents. Christmas Eve morning the children get their stockings, in the evening Grandma and Grandpa give their gifts. Christmas Day they get their presents from under the tree. This way they can take in what their gifts are and appreciate them because they aren't being rushed to open the next gift.

5. Last  minute baking
Christmas isn't Christmas without my usual fare - fruit mince slice. I whipped a batch up today while the kids were off in various corners of the house playing with their stocking loot, quietly.

6. Secret Squirrel building
Daz did some sneaky work building the trampoline which is a gift from us and Daz's parents (the kid's grandparents) and had it ready in time to gift it to them and they could spend some time playing on it.

(sneaking a photo through the blinds without the kids seeing)

(the kiddies shaking down their Christmas dinner)

7. Cooking a Christmas dinner 
Daz's parents came for dinner and we ate yummy food and swapped Christmas presents. I was excited to receive a Spotlight gift voucher (which will help my zero spend plans). Grandpa brought sparklers for the kids to use before bed which always goes down a treat!

(the table before dinner)

(Mop giving Rudolph a run for his money)

You may think "Wow! Full day!" but it isn't over yet. It's 9:30pm and it's now time to pack up our gear ready for our 10 days away. 

So I will be saying goodbye to you for now and I will be back next year ready and raring to get my creative on. I want to take this moment to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope the big day is as wonderful as can be.

Love from Skipper

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