Thursday, December 11, 2014

Prepping for 2015 (Advent Blog Along # 11)

One of my personal goals for 2015 is to begin sermon journaling. I want to find ways that will help me focus and retain what is spoken in church. For my birthday (early present) my Mum spoiled me with a stack of coloured pens and felt tips for the purpose. I bought myself the journal and I'm now ready to go. Almost..... I looked at the front page and felt like it needed "something"

(My pen loot)

Now I suck at paper crafts. Suck. The big one. But I wanted to put pretty paper and layers etc to make it stand out. So I had a crack at it. It didn't turn out too badly considering I have absolutely no scrapbooking stuff. I just cut up paper and tissue and stuck it in.  

I know this isn't very Christmas related... but it's my birthday related, and that is right before Christmas - I mean common! Sharing your birthday with Jesus is a tough gig!!!


Car said...

Pretty new journal! It looks great for one who doesnt "do" papercrafts!

A hint for tissue paper, use watered down PVA glue top and bottom and it looks awesome!

Skipper said...

Ohher great tip! Thanks!