Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Advent Activity with the kids (Advent Blog Along #10)

Last year I started the tradition of doing Advent Activities with the kids - this year we have attempted to do them but have found ourselves swamped with other things. Last week sometime we started cutting up strips of old scrapbooking paper to make paper chains.

Here they all are working hard... while the eldest who generally hates looking at the camera decides that THIS is one way that she will!

Let's do a funny photo Mummy!! Ok then on the left we have baby girl doing a "pick-your-nose" pose. In the middle we have dear son doing a Quasimodo/Chucky face. And then front and center we have big girl attempting to cut her nose off... with the wrong end of the scissors. Yes. My children are VERY awesome and you should be VERY jealous! :P

Here are the results of sticking and chaining for most of the afternoon. The toy room is starting to look festive, but I think we can do better. That will be our next crafty advent activity. Right after we get back from Melbourne for this wedding.

Tomorrow's post will be the last until Wednesday because I will be too busy being a bridesmaid and not doing anything remotely Christmassy!

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