Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getting rid of stuff (Advent Blog Along Day 17)

Every year around this time I get freaked out by the thought of incoming Christmas presents and trying to find homes for everything quickly. I hate having stuff just laying around with no home. Pet hate! Christmas evening is traditionally a time to find homes for everything.

(The ditched cookbooks)

This year I have asked Santa for some Jamie Oliver cookbooks. Because I have been SUCH a good girl this year, I am expecting that there will be one or two under the tree. I looked at my recipe cupboard and saw it was chocka block full of books that I don't use anymore. There are lots I still use too but seem to get lost with all the ones I don't use. So I pulled them all out and discarded all the books I haven't touched in years and the ones I have touched or forgotten about and used to use a lot I have kept. Next year I will do the same and if I haven't used it in 2015 it's going!!

(What's left)

That's all I managed to do today because I was too busy helping my kids do loom band creations and playing at the park. Love summer holidays!

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