Saturday, September 6, 2014

Make my wish come truuuuue......

This year I'm joining Mel from over at One Crafty Mama in Handmade Christmas 2014. She's given us some homework to get done before Thursday - and part of it is to make a list of all the handmade gifts I'm going to make and give this year.

Because I'm not going to make a huge amount my list will be quite small, but I think do-able! I'm still sticking to my "I'm not making anything for anyone this year - but instead get through my project list for ME" decree - but just breaking it a tiny bit for a few people. I won't be going crazy nor will I be putting pressure on myself - if it doesn't get done, then I will just buy. I have to still balance my uni studies, family life, getting my ASD boy back on track, and my life in general. But if all goes to plan - this is the handmade list.

 photo HandmadeChristmas2014copy_zps272bfb49.jpg

This list will be updated as time goes on.

Right, time to start getting in supplies!! What a terrible shame... shopping for crafty things...

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