Sunday, August 31, 2014

So I broke my own decree

At the start of the year I vowed that I wasn't making anybody anything this year and it was all going to be focused on making a start on my own projects for THIS home. Yesterday it was a dear friend's birthday - and I decided to break my declaration and just make ONE thing for someone else. I nipped into Spotlight to make the most of a 50% off Moda Vera yarn sale and bought a few balls of bamboo yarn. I whipped it up fairly quickly into a beautiful soft lacy scarf. 

(My daughter is my model)

Once dinner was over on Saturday I began working on it, two movies later I was mostly finished. Sunday morning after a disastrous attempt to take the boy to church, I finished it off and sewed the ends in. Sunday afternoon the birthday girl came over and she received her gift. She was pretty happy with it!! 

Another Pinterest Pin done!! Yay for me!!
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