Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Granny sampler (WIP Wednesday)

A few weeks ago I started running a crochet class for beginners. My students range from 11 years old to mid-70's! I'm teaching crochet skills and stitches and as part of the learning we are going to do a group project which is going a Granny Sampler. Here are two of the blocks that I managed to whip up this week while listening to lectures. :)

I'm using scrap wool for this project (although I am rapidly running out of hot pink so may need a top up!) and it's costing me nothing but my time. It's nice to have something keeping my hands busy while I listen to theory for three hours at a time. Couldn't get away with that in an actual classroom!! Haha!

I'm joining in with Little White Dove's WIP Wednesday. 

Little White Dove

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