Wednesday, July 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday - still sewing

Another WIP Wednesday rocks around!! It's insane how fast time is flying by at the moment! 

This week's WIP is Mop's warm weather clothes for our up and coming trip to the north of Australia. So far I have made one pair of shorts, another lot is cut out and I am going to have to concede defeat. It's tricky trying to make clothes for someone who spends most of her day at school. Thankfully school term ends on Friday so I can tweak and fine tune the final fit for these pairs of shorts. I have so much packing, cleaning and other organizing to do. This is a perfect excuse to check out Savers, don't you think?  

Looking forward to seeing what you are working on. If you are Aussie (or not) and want to join in on the Aussie WIP Wednesday - then head over to Madam Dove and link up.


amy @ ladybugs and daisychains said...

Enjoy your trip

Little White Dove said...

I found it hard to make my big boys pants before the holidays for the same reason. Happy travels!