Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thermomix Lemon Cordial

I have mentioned before that my lemon tree in my garden is very happy. It likes it's life in my veggie garden. It likes that the birds hang out in it and the cat sleeps under it. It likes that my kids search it's branches for new or ripe fruit. It's a very happy tree. And what do happy trees do? Produce an abundance of fruit! I have so many lemons on that tree it isn't funny! I want to make the most of the lemons while I can - so I need to start making things I can put away and keep for another time. As I mentioned before, we are going away for a holiday and the lemons won't be as wonderful as they are now when I get home. So I need to get cracking!

My first lemon project was some lemon cordial. I hunted for a recipe for cordial I could make in the thermomix. 

It was so quick and easy - it would have taken me more time and money to go to the shops to get some lemon cordial than it was to make it!

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