Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A little calm in the chaos

It's been mad over here. Packing, tidying, retidying what the kids mess up, preparing, shopping, more packing, unpacking and repacking so things fit for this epic adventure that awaits us. 6000 + km round trip ahead and we are anxiously and eagerly waiting for it to begin. I was finding myself getting grouchy and stressed. PMT + tiredness from not sleeping well and overcoming a virus I caught from my darlings. My hexies and crochet are packed - and what could I do that wouldn't create too much mess and would help my mind just CHILL?? I picked up an art pad, grabbed my textas and began to doodle. You can't tell from this vibrant mass of colours and patterns that there was chaos all around me as I doodled and coloured.
I was able to express myself creatively and have some downtime for my own sanity as well as the safety of those around me.... because seriously I was a ticking time-bomb.

It's going to be quiet around here for a few weeks while I head North and away from this vile winter.

Take care. xxx

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