Thursday, August 29, 2013

13 in 13 second and a half quarter

Haven't read as much as I have wanted to - but at least I am getting there.

The Half Stiched Amish Quilting Club
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I loved: The different characters with their different backgrounds and their stories within and out of the quilting club.

I hated: Nothing. I thought it was a great story

Memoirs of a Geisha
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I loved: The fascinating culture and life of a Geisha. I loved the history, and the descriptions of ceremonies, dress and food in that time.

I hated: Nothing. I enjoyed this book and the story.

Sweet Caroline
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I loved: The story is pretty good. It's a nice easy read when you don't have the energy to focus on too much.

I hated: Some of the characters were a bit irritating.

Intentional Interviewing & Counselling
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Ok so technically it's a bit cheater McCheaterson. But I read this text book from cover to cover. It was required reading for uni.  It was pretty good and had lots of case studies and examples within the text to make it more applicable.

Cross Stitch
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I loved: The history, the characters were written for that time, the descriptions - all made a fantastic read!

I hated: That it ended. And that I got bored in the second novel and didn't even finish it!

10 books down, 3 to go! I think that is doable since there are 4 months left in the year!

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Car said...

Push through the 2nd because the 3rd returns to the story & is great!