Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mixed media

While I was doing a huge sort out of my creative space and moving into another area of the house (more about that later) I found some water colour pencils that my FIL had given me yonks ago. I told myself to one day pull them out and use them! It's something different than I usually do. I don't feel like I am very good at drawing, but I like to do it sometimes. I played with charcoal a few months back but put it away again not feeling like that was my niche. It was too dark and morbid looking.  Today I pulled them out again along with the water colours - inspired. I was going to attempt to use them together.

Of late I have felt like I am drowning and my coping skills are very low. It just feels like life is too much sometimes. What better way to build myself up again than with some meditation on Scripture?

So here is my first attempt (and hopefully not my last because I really enjoyed it!) of mixed media - water colours and charcoal.

 photo null_zpsb8d2bbac.jpg

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