Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lazy Cabbage Rolls

It's cold. It's raining. It's miserable. Perfect weather for crochet, quilting and slow cookers. I decided to raid my Pinterest Crockpot Board and have a look for something different and easy. I found a recipe I had recently pinned for Easy Lazy Cabbage rolls from Simple Bites.

Now I have another recipe in a book for cabbage rolls where you fill cabbage leaves up with the rice mixture and cook them in little parcels in a tomato sauce... It seemed fiddly and....

ain't nobody got time photo: Ain't Nobody Got Time For That tumblr_m3mjtp3ibc1qe3yjd.gif

Since you know, I suck at recipe following to a T - I changed a few bits and bobs to "improve it". I used basmati instead of brown rice. (Not a brown rice family) I used more garlic, more herbs to give it a bit more bang. I doubled the recipe so it means I don't have to cook tomorrow. And I measured nothing! :)

And here it is, all assembled and starting to cook....

 photo null_zps3c118232.jpg

(excuse my awesome iPhone photography)

This dish? A winner! It was easy (number one reason for being so awesome!), it was tasty and and the plates were emptied in record time. Yep! Definite winner!


Car said...

Ok Skip - oh smart one! How does one convert pressure cooker recipes to slow cookers? double the time?

Looks yum, but Id be inclined to leave out the cabbage :p

Skipper said...

No idea Car - I am not familiar with pressure cookers. I would say you could use the same ingredients and then cook the dish in the SC and just monitor it until you think it's done.