Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blogger Boogie - Faith Matters

It's that time again, to get some tunes out there. This week Madam Dove spoke about something that we both share, a deep faith in God. I usually don't talk about my faith on this blog because I don't think that a crafty blog is an appropriate platform - and besides, I have a blog that I share my spiritual journey, so I tend to discuss faith over there. The challenge was issued to share something important about ourselves via music. And since my faith is important - here we go!

If my life had a theme song, this would be it: (you can find out why on my other blog)

Another one about the greatness and goodness of the God I wholeheartedly serve. This song really brings an emotional response to how amazing God is and a call to worship.

This one really speaks to me as well - as a person who was experienced being held prisoner by circumstances in life and hurt and rejection. Now I can live in freedom!

A reminder that I am not alone during the rough times in life...

And finally this: For God loved the world so much, he sent his only Son to redeem, sanctify and to pay for the sin of all - and whoever believes in him, will have eternal life with him - and will be a friend of God (my own interpretation of John 3:16)

*note, if you have children nearby, please don't play this. There are scenes that I even struggle to look at*

If you want to join in on this, you will be most welcome!


Kylie said...

Great boogie, although your comment on my blog made me sad... So glad I have been able to introduce you to the Whitlams. Did you click on the link for Charlie No 1? Absolutely stunning.

Skipper said...

Kylie - I did click on the link - and it was beautiful. They have a stunning sound! Although the songs sometimes feel and sound sad.

LittleWhiteDove said...

Great songs Skip! Thanks for joining in this week xx