Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lone Star basted!

Last night I began the huge task of basting my lone star quilt. This thing is HUGE! It covered my entire lounge room floor!

 photo null_zps7017d98a.jpg

(Sorry about the dodge photo - it's just easier to use my phone than the SLR)

I went to my local spotlight store and found some cute backing which is in similar colouring to my quilt top, even though it's a completely different range.

 photo null_zps8b0c5894.jpg

There was also 25% off wadding :) SCORE!!

 photo null_zps3ce00c2a.jpg

It's all done! Ready for hand quilting to commence as soon as I want to start!

Today I might plug on with EJ's crochet blanket. At this rate it will be done at Christmas, not winter, like I originally planned!

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