Friday, May 3, 2013

Shining brightly!

Last week I was feeling pretty negatively about this blog. I didn't feel like I blogged enough, and what I did blog was pretty ordinary. What was the point in even keeping it? I was seriously considering just shutting it down.

Then I had this idea. How about I blog MORE than just crafty stuff? That way I have more material. Cooking, baking, decorating etc....Then I went on thinking, what about if I blogged experiments and recipes and other stuff that I find on Pinterest? That could be cool! :)

So... a few weeks back I found a pin - a jewelry cleaner. It looked simple enough and it used simple household ingredients. So I gave it a whirl. I mixed up the ingredients in hot water...

 photo null_zps52026866.jpg


 photo null_zpsad255923.jpg

It doesn't look like it, but my wedding ring set is so freakin bright I need sunglasses!! The gold doesn't look so yellow anymore and the diamonds are so bright. I'm really pleased with this find! I shall be doing this one again!

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