Monday, April 29, 2013

Veggie loaded slow cooker lasagne

Again another Pinterest experiment!! I found a slow cooker lasagne recipe on Pinterest by Creating Through Life. I didn't really follow the recipe - I just needed the times on how long to cook it for. I opened up the crispers in the fridge and pulled out lots of veggies that needed using up. I will be getting a fresh delivery from the markets on Wednesday and... waste not, want not! So I grated up two large carrots, three zucchinis and 4 truss tomatoes and popped it in with some tomato sauce, mince and herbs. That simmered away while Thelma (Thermomix) did her thing making my bechamel sauce.

 photo null_zpse8d74316.jpg

Assembly seemed a bit sinful - just shove it in! I broke up the lasagne sheets so that they would fit my round edges better. Assembly was done in record time. It was eaten in record time too!! :) The kids loved it!

 photo null_zpsa1ad53ff.jpg

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