Thursday, January 3, 2013

So what are the plans for 2013??

I mean I have to have a plan don't I? Because that's the kind of person I am. I plan. I get energised and motivated by plans. So what's the plan?

Well you know about the 13 in 13.... what's next?

I'm going to start doing "Project Life". This is more simple than digi-scrapping, but it also encourages journalling and record keeping. At this stage in my life I am finding that my life is escaping from me at the rate of knots! At the end of each year I barely remember any of the good stuff that we experience together as a family, and can definitely remember the rubbishy stuff. So I am going to start doing Project Life and start documenting the stuff we do, no matter how big or small. It will make me get my camera out and capture these moments. So I'm starting to gather and collect the things I need for that - and once I've worked out my groove, I'll start sharing.

I'm also going to spend a lot more time in my craft room. Last year I barely saw it... and if I was in there I was so exhausted and struggling that I couldn't face my machine. I have some projects I want to do and finish on a list and I'm going to knock them off as I want to. I have a few quilty projects, crochet projects and sewing projects I want to tackle.

Hopefully with projects being worked on, I will be blogging more often too. :)

So it's a very loose plan - but it's a plan I'm happy with and that I am excited and enthusiastic about.

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LittleWhiteDove said...

I'm tempted to give project life a go too, I haven't scrapped in ages. But which kit to buy? All are sooooo pretty! Maybe I need a few?