Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally! A new bag for me!

After having this fabric for nearly half a year and having the intention of making myself a new bag... I finally did it!!

This is similar to my SIL's 12 Pocket Tote, but I've made mine considerably smaller, and it's perfect! It's a good size and has 12 smallish pockets to stash lipsticks, puffers, my phone, and other smallish things - instead of them rattling around in my bag like they usually do.

So since this has been a "to-do" for sometime, I have decided to make this project my OPM for January!
So congratulate me! I've started and finished something that I have been meaning to do for AGES! And I made something for ME. This is rather unusual. Since I am usually making things for everyone else!
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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Skipper ...Lovely bag....and so nice to hear it is for you....great idea having all the pockets...well done on your finish..Peg OPAM 2010

Anonymous said...

Now, Skip, we both know this is an impossibly impractical bag for a mother of three, nowhere near enough room. Conveniently, *I* only have two children. My postal addy is ...

Ok, so maybe this is just my facetious way of saying this bag is AWESOME!

Skipper said...


Ahhhh but LWD dear, MY children are much older than yours - and I can leave the house now with very little. We just hop in the car and go now. We have a small pram bag for just in case..... are you REALLY jealous now?? :P

Thankyou ladies. :)