Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another finished quilt!

I had such a lovely day yesterday. My husband is so sweet and gave me time and space to work on AND finish my raggy quilt that I started a while ago.


The squares and wadding were taking up space on my table and I just wanted the project finished. So I spent much of yesterday, putting this baby together and "ragging" the edges.


It was such a relaxing day. I want more Saturdays like this. :)

So here it is!!


Oh and here is my handbag that I made too. :)



This week I have 2 uni assignments due, so I better finish those before I make something else!! I'll plod away on my hand piecing of Mop's quilt while I watch the TV in the evenings... and stay away from the sewing machine until my assignments are done!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Gorgeous colours.

Ruth said...

You are become the raggedy quilt pro. The colours are really pretty. I adore the pink fabric in your bag too.