Thursday, February 5, 2009

An update..

Lots of unfinished bits and bobs still going on...

I started my handbag, but have stopped for the moment because I am having a hard time lining it.. I don't understand the instructions that are on the pattern. :( So I've stopped for the moment because I am getting more and more frustrated - and I keep having to unpick the blasted thing.. :( If anyone has any experience lining handbags with circle handles, I would appreciate any advice because I am going nuts over here!! (I am also PMTing... so that probably explains my low tolerance etc)

I am plugging away at basting on circles for my son's quilt. I have a deadline of first of April for this so I can take the quilt top and stitch them on properly while I am on holiday or travelling.

I am also working on a recipe book as part of a swap with a group of friends. I decided to digi scrap the recipes and paper scrap the rest of it. Here is a sample of my digi-scrapping. Will show you the rest when it's put together.



Mum has given me two sewing machines to try out. Both are embroidery machines. She was given them by a friend of hers who was going to die. She plans to give me one of the machines... so I have tried one - and wasn't that impressed with it, even though it's computerised... it sews sooo slowly which is a bit annoying and skips stitches. I'll play around with it some more, and then try the other one.

So that's what I am up to. One day soon you will have 50 projects to be shown you all at once!!! :)

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