Saturday, February 7, 2009

I could just kiss her!!!

Elijor definately should be writing instructions for sewing patterns, because she is a LEGEND!! Seriously, Butterick may as well have writted in double dutch - because that's how well I understood it!

For days I have been driving myself mental, trying to put the lining into my handbag. I have been sewing and unpicking and almost screaming in frustration.

So I asked for help on Craftster - and a very kind lady named Elijor gave me VERY clear instructions on how to attatch the lining and understitch it. 45 minutes later....


You like??

I LOVE it!!

So to dear Elijoy - thankyou so much!! You really are clever to write such amazing and detailed instructions and I appreciate it very much! Big hugs to you!
Now I am going to make myself a matching shopping bag to go inside!
I am going to whip up another handbag for my SIL... another day! LOL

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