Friday, December 18, 2015

Advent Blog Along #18

What I am doing:
Today was another scorcher here in South Australia. Burning hot. The kids were swimming by 9am and hiding indoors from the searing sun by 11:30. The kids wrapped up their Daddy's Christmas presents. I can't show what my eldest made because Daddy will see... hopefully I remember to show it off when he unwraps it Christmas morning.
It was haircut day - and we all had our heads thinned out and made a bit lighter for the hot summer days ahead.
We also did a Christmas shopping spree this evening. We were buying stuff for the Christmas table, and last minute gifts. It was very fun!

What I am creating:
Today I sat in my cool office and hexied. Not quite done, but so close!! I reckon I have just over 40 hexies to attach before it's done. It would be awesome to have it finished and basted before Christmas. The weekend is looking like a scorcher, so maybe I can hibernate in the hub and hexie some more.

What I am listening to:

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