Thursday, December 17, 2015

Advent Blog Along #17

What I am creating:

Something awful happened on Tuesday. I started to gather my recipes that I make most Christmases and to my horror I found that I couldn't find one. My gingerbread recipe like Great Granny used to make. It took me ages and ages, and finally I found it. But I did not want a repeat performance! I wanted a safe place to keep my Christmas recipes... how could I do this?
My gaze rested on a recipe journal I received a few years back. I liked it.. but boy it was ugly on the inside and it had recipes printed in it. I pulled it out and looked at the spiral that held it all together. Surely I could do something with this??

I had a quick chat to Car who does journals and knows more than I ever would about them. She gave me some tips - and then I headed out to spotlight armed with a voucher. I came home with a pack of Christmas paper and set to work making a Christmas recipe journal.

 Note that the first entry was indeed my lost-but-now-found gingerbread recipe. LOL

What I am doing:
Today launched the official "sort out stuff to make room for Christmas gifts" activity we do each year. The kids have been sorting out their stuff and culling what they don't use and tidying it up to make space for new books and toys. Today's focus was on the bedrooms. Tomorrow we will focus on the toy room.
I also did a few Christmas promotion slides for my church and finished off the new newsletter design for launch next year. Inbetween all that I did a stack of housework and attached some more hexies. The kids spent some time in the pool because it is officially stinking hot (43 degrees celcius)

What I am listening to:

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