Saturday, November 28, 2015

Another quilty finish!

Since decluttering my craft room and moving my fabric from boxes onto my shelves, I have been more aware of what my stash is and have become eager to make some beautiful quilts with it. I also joined a quilt-along with some local quilting ladies and I am eager to start that. This is very typical of me... eager to get started in making a project - but not seeing it through. I had a few quilts just sitting there - almost finished. I did not want to have even more partially finished projects while the UFO's just stare at me... judging me.

I have shamefully not made the most of the the 15 in 15 UFO challenge. I have finished three projects as part of this challenge. Disgusting! I think I ditched a lot of my UFO's though as part of decluttering. I just knew that I no longer loved the project and that was that.. time to admit defeat and focus on the projects I DO love.

But what a great way to finish off the last part of 2015 with a long term UFO finish!

It really is a long long story. I received the fabric for my birthday (you can see it here). I found the pattern (here). I started chopping up the fabric and assembling the quilt top in 2010. I got busy and worked on about a million other things until it re-emerged in 2014.  I quilted it not long after I found it but struggled with the border (what is it with me and borders??) so I threw it in a box in frustration. I pulled it out again this week, determined to get this project finished and out of the way. I unpicked the border quilting and re-stitched it more simply. I followed a tute on machine binding - which I LOVED and made quick work of that part of the project. And bingo... 5 years later, the quilt is finally finished!! 

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