Friday, July 10, 2015

School holiday crafting

Mum? Can you teach me to crochet?

I look at my 7 year old's big blue eyes. I hesitate.... She's only seven. It took me a whole afternoon to learn just one thing. She would get frustrated with her lack of process and give up. She held up a ball of yarn from her craft box eagerly. "I could make Bunny a scarf!"

I nodded, "I can teach you" and I head to my craft room to find a hook for her to use. I show her the basics: tension, how to hold the yarn, how to hold the hook and how to do a chain. 10 minutes later she is deftly and skillfully chaining.... alone.

How does she pick things up so darn fast!!???

The next day she was doing trebles like a pro. In fact they were so good, I couldn't tell the difference between mine and hers!

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