Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We interrupt this hexie challenge and bring you.......

.... something NOT hexie related!!

It is a situation I don't really want to elaborate on, but in a nutshell it's this: my little brother's marriage recently disintegrated rather suddenly and he is trying to rebuild a new life with his little girls that he has part time. He's trying to have special things that they can have when they are with him - special beds, toys etc. He wanted to have clothes that they could wear while they are at Daddy's house. And I decided to help him out in that department.

I started with crocheting a cute little shrug for his youngest girl - who is just about three.

I found a pattern on Ravelry, which I used to start me off... but then I didn't like how it looked at the end of the sleeves and bottom of the cardi - so I made up my own pattern. I think it turned out alright! It was a pretty fast project - I got it done in about 4 hours. Not bad at all!

Right... back to hexies.

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