Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finally! Pictures of the finished product!

Remember the Slash that Stash project I was working on with my orphan yarn?

Well I can finally show you what it was for!

A lovely round rug to sit the ladder on and sink your toes into first thing in the morning. It also catches any dust that may be lying around when I do a barefoot run across the floor to go to the loo in the middle of the night. It has meant no dust or grot in my bed (a pet hate when I am camping!!)

This one was a "front door" mat. We had one door that we had open for coming in and out. This mat caught a lot of the dirt from dirty feet so my floors didn't get that grotty. When I lifted the mat to sweep underneath it and give it a shake, it was full of dust, dirt and grassy bits. This mat meant I didn't have to sweep very often. Terrible shame.

Both of these mats gave a "glamping" feel to our new camper trailer home as well as provided some padding inbetween items when we packed it up at the end of the trip. 

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