Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bits and bobs and balls (Slash that stash)

This is a rather large plastic tub filled with yarn. Not just any yarn - yarn that would only do for small projects. This is the leftovers from past projects, or balls I have been given that I have only received one of and I can't make the bigger projects that I usually make. What could I do with this?

I was on Pinterest recently looking at glamping stuff. We recently sold our caravan and now are proud owners (well, will be when it has been made) or a camper trailer. I wanted to soften the feel up in the tent by adding some glamping aspects to it. I found a project that will be perfect for it... and I can use up lots of this yarn!  I nipped down to my local Spotty, got a 10mm hook (Mum calls it a fence post!) and got hooking!

Any guesses as to what I could be making?


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