Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's been another one of those day... (Advent Blog Along #7)

And I got a grand total of 25 stitches done on my crocheted bag. I spent most of the morning at a birthday party that my little girl was invited to. Got home in time to have a meeting with a client I did a family photo shoot a few weeks back. Then I did a hair trial for the wedding the kids and I are in on the weekend. Then it's been organising the kids for school and trying to find paperwork that has been lost int he abyss I call my craft room.

Tomorrow I have these goals:


# 2 - Finish crocheting this bag, sew all the ends in and have something crafty to show you!

I am sucking at Advent Blog Along this year! :( Hopefully next week, after the wedding, everything will settle down and I can get into Christmas properly!!

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