Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hexies on the Highway (Advent Blog Along day 19)

As I mentioned before, we spent some time in Victoria because the kids and I were in a wedding. It was such a lovely time. We were pretty flat out - so I didn't really get to pick my hexies up until the way home. 

I love that I can adapt the glove-box to a craft table, although I do have to make sure things don't shake to the ground because to be brutally honest, Vic roads are atrocious!

Sitting in the car for 9 hours meant I got quite a lot of my hexies attached and my quilt is growing! I'm planning to take them with us when we do our annual post-Christmas camping trip. I hope to sit comfortably and piece away inbetween boogie boarding, swimming and building sandcastles. 

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