Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spring Cleaning my craft room

I've made it no secret that I have been swamped with uni work and life in general, leaving precious little time to work on projects or have good chunks of creative time. Term 3 school holidays are coming up, which means I get a two week break from lectures and assignments and get to hang out with the kids. I am also planning on making the most of that break by getting some projects done.

So in anticipation and preparation, I have started spring cleaning in my craft room to create an ordered space to work in. I wish I had taken a before photo of this desk - but I might be a bit too embarrassed to put it up. I was drowning in stuff! SO. MUCH. STUFF! Mainly paperwork and rubbish like that. But today I cleared it off and now have a nice clear space for getting my craft on!

This week a lovely friend decluttered her own craft room to create space for a home office as she launched a new career. She sent me 3 huge huge huge bags of quilting fabric. So I spent a few hours yesterday sorting out my existing stash and then adding Kayscha's stash to it. This box was 1/4 full before.... now it's chockas! Motivation to get some more quilting projects done!

I also discovered that I am the bag lady. I emptied out at least 8 bags of finished project materials! Now I have lots and lots of empty bags to fill with new projects! Go me!!

Finally I sorted out my yarn. Got rid of the small bits and bobs that were too small to do anything with and put away yarn that I could use. I put away the masses of yarn I purchased at my local Spotty car park sale. 40 balls for $40. :) Can't complain there!! Everything is in order ready to Christmas crochet!

I've got plans! Lots and lots of plans to craft and create for the two weeks while I can. Then I will have 6 weeks of cracking on with work and assignments and then I will get a very LONG break afterwards. I love uni!! Especially their mega long holidays! Hahah!!

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