Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Holiday Hexies

When sitting on your rear end for days at a time while the kilometers whizz by it's nice to have something to do to keep your hands busy. For most of the time I was helping children finger-knit, passing out juice boxes and packets of popcorn. But when the i-Things were on and the children were quiet and engrossed I was able to get on with my own stuff.

One thing I love about my hexie project is that it's extremely portable! I set up a new craft desk in the car. Apparently it's a glove box, but all I saw was a convenient place to stash my gear and a table for my use!

This was the view from my new craft desk.  

I continued to work on my hexies when I could - this particular time after a swim I lazed about on the pool-side lounges while the kids swam and did my hexies. I got some peculiar looks from other guests in the park, but I didn't care. I didn't need to sleep away my day in the sun, I liked hexieing my day away in the shade!

Are you joining in with the Aussie WIP Wednesday?

Little White Dove

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